The Seniors Have Signed

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The Seniors Have Signed

Joey Sabatella, Writer

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The Seniors Have Signed

By: Joey Sabatella

While there’s a lot of special talent in Emerson Jr. Sr. High School, it takes exemplary skills to play at a college level. However, these three seniors, Logan Mazzeo, Brendan Pattermann, and Nick Babin have been given the chance to achieve just that. 

Logan Mazzeo, a senior at Emerson high school, has been given almost a full ride to Clarion University. If you know the Mazzeos, you know that wrestling is life for them. Everything they do is to better them for their next wrestling match. Logan Mazzeo has now been given the opportunity to join his older brother Luke Mazzeo at Clarion University to wrestle. Logan was asked several questions at his signing. 

The first question was why he chose Clarion to wrestle. His response was, “You know they have a real good wrestling program up there and it would be great if I could do what I love with my brother right there with me.” 

The next question was, “What did you do to get recognition from that school?” Logan said, “ I would go to different types of tournament which had D1 coaches there to get my name in their head and I would either get an email from them or I would email them to show my interests.” 

The last question was, “Did your skills come naturally or did you have to work for it?” His response was, “ A little of both, it came naturally at first but then I worked hard to put me over the edge, which is where I am now.” 

Brendan Pattermann, a senior from Emerson Jr. Sr. High School, has gotten a scholarship to Stony Brook University; he is taking his pitching skills to the next level. Brendan has always had a love for baseball his whole life. Due to his impressive pitches, he was clearly bound to go D1. 

When asked the first question Brendan said, “They are a well known baseball team and they have good academics.” 

His response to the second question was, “I did a bunch of training with people that had many connections and I went to tournaments to get recognition.” 

When Brendan was asked the third question he said, “ A little came naturally but I had to work hard to get where I am.”

Nick Babin, a senior at Emerson High School, has been given a scholarship to Columbia University, where he will be wrestling at. If you know Nick, you know that he is one of the hardest workers in school and out of school. He has been training for this since he was little. When Nick was asked the first question he said, “I picked Columbia because not only is it good for wrestling but it will better me for when I get out of college.” 

Nick’s response to the second question was, “I went to many tournaments outside the season to get recognition and I contacted schools I showed interest in.” W

hen he was asked the third question, Nick said, “I worked for everything. At first I wasn’t the greatest wrestler but I worked hard making me the wrestler I am today.

 These three seniors, Logan Mazzeo, Brendan Pattermann, and Nick Babin, have been given a great opportunity to show their skills at the next level but it didn’t all come naturally. They all put in hard work which clearly paid off. They are an excellent example of taking advantage of the opportunities offered to student athletes here at EJSHS.


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