Disney+ Review

Charlie Romano, Writer

On November 11th, Disney’s highly anticipated streaming service Disney+ launched with a lineup of over 700 movies and shows from Disney’s many properties. 

The greatest benefit subscribing to Disney+ so far is the wide variety of content available on the platform. On Disney+ there is original Disney content that’s never been available for streaming, most of the Star Wars films, National Geographic documentaries, and a lot of Marvel movies. Some other variety content on the service are exclusive series and random, additions such as the Simpsons. All of the content on the service is available for users to download and watch offline. Disney+ also plans on releasing new content on a monthly basis and new episodes to their exclusive shows don’t release all at once making the shows much harder to binge, while some users may see this as a benefit others will see this as a negative to the service.

The worst parts of Disney+ don’t outweigh the best, parts but they can certainly ruin the user experience. One of the most notable issues that many users of Disney+ are complaining about is the aspect ratio of many older shows and movies being stretched to fit devices currently on the market. Another issue that I personally have with the service is the absence of a watchlist; without this basic feature of streaming services it’s hard to navigate what you’re watching and where in the series you currently are.

Currently Disney+ is available on over 10 platforms and each separate version has its own bugs ranging from completely skipping parts of episodes to just crashing randomly. So far in my experience of using Disney+ I have encountered so many technical issues ranging from random crashing, visual glitches, and the video fast forwarding constantly without my input. The platform is a technical mess as of right now.

Despite the current issues I personally think Disney+ is worth the monthly cost with the amount of shows and movies currently available and set to be available in the future. Within the next couple of weeks all of the issues surrounding the service will be resolved and make it an overall great service to use. So for the cost of $6.99 a month I think that Disney+ is worth the cost.