The Best Show on Netflix

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The Best Show on Netflix

Danny Gordon, Writer

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Not everyone has time to watch TV shows, but everyone should make time for this show. Peaky Blinders is an action packed and love filled TV series with top notch acting. Even if you’re not into TV shows, this show is guaranteed to change your mind. It takes place in England after World War I. The Peaky Blinders are a gang from Birmingham, England. The gang is made up of the Shelby clan, and no one messes with family, especially this one.

Tommy Shelby, John Shelby, and Arthur Shelby are three brothers that will show you a family bond so strong you will question if you and your siblings really love each other. From episode one they show you that family is something to kill for, and they certainly do not hesitate to do so.

Tommy Shelby, aka the leader of the family, is an old soul in a young body due to his time fighting in World War 1. He plays his part in the family so perfectly you can almost feel yourself gravitate towards him as if he was a fatherly figure. Also, for any troubled middle children reading this review, this character will inspire and be relatable through his acts of sheer disobedience and self fulfillment. 

Arthur, the oldest brother, battles with his own demons worse than Tommy. He came back from the war a changed man, but unlike his brother, he could not suppress his horrible memories from the war. Although crazy and unstable, Arthur is a character you will grow to love and relate to. Everyone has their own demons that they battle with day in and day out, but no one ever wins until they accept what’s going on. Arthur is very confused but later grows into his role of the crazy unstable brother with a hint of kindness and love that comes out every so often. This character plays to both your kind and darkside, and it will leave you feeling powerful and confident but also a little emotional and unsure.

John Shelby is the youngest of the three and from the beginning is wild and rambunctious. He has kids but no wife and loves all the action in the family feuds amongst each other and everyone else that they can piss off. He plays his role of little brother fantastically. He is rebellious, loud, and fun. He looks up to his older brothers. Before his marriage, he had 4 children with a wife who has passed and he as young man does not know much about parenting and needs a motherly figure. This makes him sad and he becomes desperate for a female figure in his life. He is thick headed, just as any youngest sibling, and he is looked after the closest by his brothers and Aunt Pol.

The Peaky Blinders is one of the best, if not the best, show on Netflix. There is never a dull moment and the cast that was chosen for this show is unlike any other. The mix of comedy and seriousness is the perfect blend, and there is truly no other show that compares. No matter your T.V. interests, this show will certainly PEAK your interests.


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