License Preparation

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License Preparation

Alan Ramos, Writer

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 By Alan Ramos


Preparing for your license is a big step up in life; it’s that turning point where you have full responsibility for driving a car and owning one. Before you even get your license you have to pass the drivers test, but does it really prepare you to be ready on the road? For some people maybe no, but in reality when you are out driving, from this test you will already know your do’s and don’ts. However, when it comes to the test, students put so much pressure on themselves that they sometimes tend to fail or not succeed. 


There’s been a few people that said the test isn’t the same as driving around because they put pressure on you for you to pass the test and when you are out driving around you feel so much calmer and more relaxed behind the wheel. Also, every course is very different. At every DMV I went to, there were lanes of three to resemble a highway, but it didn’t really help me. There were no other cars in the other lanes and it’s just not realistic enough to teach me anything. It was easy to pass.


 Some people find it hard to go on the course one at a time because they need a comparison to show the driver a better view and show the instructor that you know your do’s and don’ts when driving. Even for the practice test, is it even enough to improve your driving skills? Not really. People are looking for new incoming drivers and their knowledge about driving and how to use your head when driving a motor vehicle. 


Other people find driving a lot easier once they take the test because it boosts their self-confidence about driving. It makes you feel like you’re a better driver than you were before. When I heard that I passed, I was so relieved from the pressure that I passed. My confidence went up and made the driver that I am right now. It’s so easy to parallel park now and so much easier to park in public parking lots or parking spaces. I feel so confident that at times I would challenge myself to pull into my driveway and to get out my driveway because I live on a busy street were there is traffic everyday. 


  No matter what, every beginner driver should at least practice as much as needed and have confidence when driving or taking the test.

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