Sweet Sixteens

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Sweet Sixteens

Kiley Sweeney, Writer

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Sweet Sixteens are a big day for many teenagers. Many girls look forward to this day for a very long time. A sweet sixteen is a celebration of becoming “older”. Many people throw big parties where they wear fancy dresses and the night is all about them. They may invite a small group of people or they may have a large party with a huge group of people, either way it is a celebration of them becoming 16. I personally think that sweet sixteen are a fun way to celebrate becoming older and turning 16. 

Many people have sweet sixteen because it is a big way to celebrate turning 16. Many people invite all of their friends and family to celebrate the night. 

Marissa Eng says “I am having a sweet because from when I was little I always dreamed of having one and getting all dressed to celebrate me.” 

Many girls have seen older cousins and siblings have one and have dreamed of their own one day. I have seen other girls and sweet sixteen on shows and ever since I was little I have always wanted one. 

Many girls pick a theme and color theme to go along with their sweet sixteen. Joya Mattera’s theme is Under the sea, and she says she has always wanted this theme since she was young. Marissa Eng’s theme is a night in Paris. She says that it is an elegant and classy theme with a color scheme of pinks and whites. Kristen Morgan says that her theme is Winter Wonderland; she chose this because her birthday is in the Winter and thinks it will go great for the timing of her birthday. 

Depending on what place you pick you it can cost a lot. Many people range from 70-100 people and other range from 100-150 people. Many people can go bigger though. Personally for me, I have a lot of family and friends so the amount of people I will have is 100-150 people. 

Sweet Sixteens can be a huge cost. When asking some fellow students how much they have already spent, you would be very surprised. Marissa Eng has already picked the place she wants hers; she will be having it at the Estate at Florentine Gardens. She said that the place alone was about 2,000 dollars. That is not all she will have to spend. She still needs to find a dress which can be very pricey, hair and makeup, and a lot more. Kristen Morgan has found her dress for about 150 dollars and has booked her place at the Ramsey Golf course for about 1,000 dollars. This is showing that sweet sixteen can be a lot for one night. 

I have been looking forward to my sweet sixteen since I have been younger. I have seen cousins and other family members and I have always wanted one of my own. I have wanted my color scheme to be pink since I was young because it had been my favorite color for forever. I will be inviting people  between 100-150. I am unsure of where mine will be, but it will have to be a place to accommodate for all of these people. I cannot wait for my sweet and to have a fun night surrounded by friends and family to celebrate with me. 

Sweet Sixteens are a fun day for many sixteen year olds. Many girls look forward to this special day. This is a time to celebrate becoming older. It will be a fun time for all friends and family and a night to remember!