Turning 18

Danny Gordon, Writer

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Turning 18 can be one of the biggest life changing events in young adults’ lives.

When students turn eighteen, they have to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Amongst all this chaos, kids are becoming a legal adults and are being held responsible for their actions. This pivotal time in kids’ lives can either be the best or the worst times of their lives, depending on the choices they make.

“I don’t feel any different. Just because I’m classified as a legal adult doesn’t really mean anything to me.” says senior Dylan Frank.

Unlike Dylan Frank, whose views of turning eighteen are more lackadaisical, senior Logan Mazzeo states, “It’s a little strange to think of myself as a legal adult, I just don’t feel like one.” 

Being 18 comes with a lot of responsibilities and some parents see that as a time to let their children move out. According to Mr. Gordon, turning eighteen means the “binding contract is up.”

“Leaving home is going to be weird.” says Katelin Quinones, a senior at EHS. “Also, because I want to go very far from home and live without my parents or family for the first time ever.” 

On top of being able to live alone, turning eighteen means kids are now able to be charged as an adult and stupid mistake now become permanent. 

Being a legal adult is hard and there are a lot of things going on during this time but learning how to cope with this is essential for success and keeping the stress levels down. 

According to EHS senior, “I don’t enjoy being 18 at all; you are a legal adult but don’t get any benefits of being 21. Also, it was my least favorite birthday by far, I just don’t like the responsibilities I have now.”

On top of all this the new wave of legal adults are now taking over the voting booths. These young adults are the future and are now responsible for their own lives and future generations to come. 

Another benefit is that driving limitations are no longer applicable to these young adults. People everywhere are able to drive through all hours of the night. Although they have all these newfound freedoms, it also comes at a price if people are not handling it responsibly. 

Turning 18 can be both exciting and terrifying all at once, but it’s up to these now “adults” to handle this time correctly.