Halloween Spirit

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Halloween Spirit

Giovanni Ramaci, Writer

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Halloween, the spooky scary holiday that everyone loves. From dressing up in a costume to stuffing your face with free candy earned by trick or treating, it’s hard not to love this time of year. In Emerson, no matter how old you get Halloween spirit is still alive and well in students. 

Every year, Emerson students anticipate the holiday solely for the purpose of “partying and stuffing our faces with candy.” Students responded  with spiritual answers when interviewed about Halloween. 

When interviewing Emerson students about their Halloween costumes, many students were willing to respond.

Senior Joey Sabatella replied, “A firefighter.”

Senior Danny Gordon replied, “A cop.”

Senior Nick LaForge replied, “A boxer.” 

All these costumes show spirit is still alive in the town of Emerson. However, this Halloween spirit comes at a cost. 

Students spend whatever they can to make sure their costume is “on fleek” for the big party anticipated held every year for Halloween. When asked how much money students spend on costumes, the average answers were around $22. Joey Sab answered $18 for his fireman outfit bought from Party City. Danny Gordon replied $20 bought by his girlfriend at Party City. Nick LaForge said his boxing outfit was $25 bought on Amazon. For an average teen to dress the way they want, they must spend upwards of $20. 

To show that the spirit isn’t dead, students were interviewed on what their plans were on Halloween. The responses were similar. “Eating candy and partying” were the average answers. This goes to show that Halloween is still relevant to teens and the spirit is still alive. Even if it’s just for one night, Halloween makes everyone a kid again.