Thanksgiving Foods

Natalia Baron, Writer

As the 2019 holiday season creeps up, students and teachers at EJSHS are getting ready to celebrate. Halloween has passed and now students and teachers are counting down the days until Thanksgiving. There are many exciting things about Thanksgiving, but one of the most exciting things is the food. Everyone has their own favorite food that they can’t wait to eat during Thanksgiving. Some of the most popular Thanksgiving foods are turkey, stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, corn, etc. Students at Emerson were asked what their favorite Thanksgiving food was and responded with a variety of answers. 

After asking students to do a poll on what their favorite Thanksgiving foods are, the top five most popular foods were mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, corn, and ham. Out of a total of 37 responses to the questionnaire, 29.7% of the votes were for mashed potatoes, 21.6% for turkey, 16.2% for stuffing, 8.1% for corn, and 5.4% for ham. Mashed potatoes was the number one vote for the students at EHS. People at Emerson were asked why these were their favorite Thanksgiving foods. Some students said that they think that these are their favorite because it reminds them of past Thanksgivings, they enjoy how a family member or friend makes them, or there is a story behind it. Mashed potatoes are in first with the most popular Thanksgiving food. Why? 

A sophomore said, “Mashed potatoes are personally my favorite food. They just make it feel more like Thanksgiving. My aunt makes mashed potatoes with some cheese and it tastes so good. The rest of my family and I always help her make them too. It’s just interesting how mashed potatoes brings the family together.”

Thanksgiving is not only about the food for some. Thanksgiving is a way for their family can bond, like for this sophomore. On the other hand, some people really do think that the food is the best part of Thanksgiving. 

Mr. Compagnone said, “Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving food. You can put stuffing with any Thanksgiving food and it will taste good. Put it on top turkey it tastes absolutely delicious.” 

 For some people, their favorite Thanksgiving food may be their favorite because it has something to do with their family. It could symbolize how Thanksgiving is a way for families to bond and to spend more time with each other. Overall, Thanksgiving is definitely a holiday where food is the most important, but also people’s favorite foods could symbolize an important event with their family and past Thanksgivings. Happy eating, everyone!