People Depending on Technology

Jacob Sanchez, Writer

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People around the world have been fortunate to have the likes of computers, phones, televisions and other types of great technology to provide them with informative and entertaining content. Devices like phones, tablets and computers and other valuable devices have undoubtedly given people chances to do anything they are capable of. 

Unfortunately, in the past few years, users have relied on technology too heavily. The amount of time people use their phones, surf through the internet, and overuse other addicting devices is concerning. People are getting affected mentally and physically for spending long periods of time using a device. As people get more connected to devices, they tend to lose regular human interactions.

People depend on technology in a way that is not always healthy. From the time they wake up reaching for their phone to the end of the day, people obviously need their phone to survive. Personally, when I realize that I don’t have my phone on me or it is lost, I get scared and worried if it is not in my possession or not. Also, not knowing what is happening with friends or family and around the world with news, drama, sports and many other trends can make me feel disconnected. 

According to King University Online, people touch their phones an average of 2,617 times per day. That calculates to 2.42 hours of phone screen time per day. Not only does this show how important devices are, but also the amount of time you can waste on a device without realizing it. Devices do have other negative consequences. It can also be regarded as a public health issue, causing physical repercussions such as eye strain, neck pain and other problems. 

An Emerson student expressed his opinion. “I use technology all day for gaming, education and other information. 

I later asked the student if people use technology too much. “I believe that people do not use technology too much. It’s actually beneficial for people. It can be used for their everyday lives, like us in school.”

Although devices can help people around the world with informative and entertaining content, people are very dependent on it. The amount of hours that are put into using the phone is affecting people mentally and disrupting their daily schedule. People need to realize the effects of phones and devices that can eventually have repercussions.