Middle School Vs. High School Club Fair at EHS

Casira Laureano , Reporter

    Do you want to grow your own garden? Want to spread awareness about cancer? This year’s club fair at Emerson High School on September 12th included both of these causes for grades 7-12. This year, many students attended the fair and signed up for several clubs. Some popular clubs among students included Gardening Club, Debate, and the New Cavo Crushers Cancer Cub. Joining a club is a great opportunity to make more friends, get involved in school, do volunteer work, and prepare for college and future job opportunities.  

This year’s club fair at Emerson Jr/Sr High School was a success, with over 45 students joining one or more clubs. The fair’s success is in part due to the diverse selection of clubs, but also due to the activity period which allows clubs to meet during the day without interfering with sporting practices which take place after school. The Club Fair allows students to come together for any kind of cause and spread awareness. 

In a recent interview, one student described the fair as “an amazing experience” and “a great opportunity for students to come together as a community.”

        No matter the grade level, joining a club gives students the opportunity to meet others who share common goals and interests.