Keeping it Cheerful when Cheering; School Spirit of Emerson Fans

Sierra Rivers, Reporter

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Most students show school spirit on Friday night football games at Emerson High School by Dressing up in costumes and colors. Rooting for the games is appreciated by the athletes.

Mr. Hedges, English teacher and football game security, when asked what he thinks about the student section on school spirit he answered, “…I like the idea of a student section where everyone is organized… Especially when it’s not all about the football team.” Mr. Hedges helps keep the student organized during games and watches the school cheer for their team to do better, and not the other team to do worse. Mr. Hedges says that is something he considers poor sportsmanship and is not shown or allowed by the Emerson students. 

Also interviewed was Carrie Freedman, a freshman student at EHS. When asked what her thoughts were on the student section and school spirit, she answered saying, “…We are good on school spirit because when we have themes. Everyone participates and dresses up together.” As a freshman, Freedman is fairly new to cheering with the senior high students. She believes that Emerson is a united school that are there for each others’ sports. EHS has proved to have a lot of school spirit and students hope it will continue this way. 

As an entire school, the students are very supportive of one another and are most likely cheering on the teams. Sophomore and Emerson fan, Joya Mattera, says, “We try and support our team the best we know how… cheering and yelling.” Students at EHS like to stay positive and enjoys cheering on the sports teams on their big days. Go Cavos!


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