Where the Wings At?

Joey Sabatella and Daniel Gordon

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Reporters Joey Sabatella and Danny Gordon are on a quest to find the best wings in Bergen County. On their excursion they will be visiting Tito’s Burritos and Wings, Cornerstone, Wingstop, Anthonys’s Coal Fire Pizza, and Davey’s Locker. They will be rating these places on taste, appearance, wait time, number of options and experience. Throughout their adventure, Joey and Danny had many new encounters and a lot of good food.

Anthony’s Coal Fire pizza was their first stop. A relatively empty night but nonetheless it took 13 minutes for the food to come out. Timing wasn’t bad. Appearance was solid, served with toasted bread points with cooked onions on top served on a skillet. More options should be offered if someone wants something other than dry wings.  

Anthony Coal Fire Pizza:

Taste 7.2
Appearance 8
Available Options (i.e. sauces, boneless/bone, etc.) 2 wing options no sauce
Wait time 13 minutes
Overall Experience 8.5

Later this same night, Danny and Joey took a trip to Davey’s locker. In all honesty, the experience was disappointing. Wings took about the same time to come out for Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza but did not have the same flair or presentation. As for the taste, the wings were mediocre and the sauce wouldn’t stay on the wings and just a side note the bleu cheese lacked flavor. During their trip, it happened to be happy hour so the wings were half priced and cheap. At ten dollars for twenty for wings, you really were paying for what you got because there wasn’t much more to offer.

Davey’s Locker:

Danny and Joey at Davey’s Locket

Taste 6.2
Appearance 6.8
Available Options (i.e. sauces, boneless/bone, etc.) 1 option and sauce
Wait time 16 minutes
Overall Experience 6.8

Tito’s Burritos and Wings was third on their menu. The wait time was not bad but the wings weren’t bigger than Danny’s pinky. Very tasteful and delicious but not enough meat. Tasteful but either way there just wasn’t enough meat for their prices and was not worth 16 dollars for 12 wings.

Tito’s Burritos and Wings:

Wings at Tito’s Burritos

Taste 6.4
Appearance 6
Available Options (i.e. sauces, boneless/bone, etc.) 7 sauce options
Wait Time  9 minutes 30 seconds
Overall Experience 6.2

Next they went to their second to last place called WingStop. Wing stop was the only place that was centered around wings, so we had high expectations. You could say those expectations were reached as they were above average. The food came out in 3 minutes and they also had 11 different sauces so you couldn’t go wrong here. 

Wing Stop:

Taste 7.8
Appearance 5.7
Available Options (i.e. sauces, boneless/bone, etc.) 2 options of wings and 11 different sauces 
Wait Time 3 minutes
Overall Experience 7.5

Wing Stop Wings

Finally, last but not least, our last stop the Cornerstone right in Hillsdale. This place was just overall good because of their wing and service. The wings were great they were meaty and there were 5 different sauce options you could choose from. The service here was good as the food came out at a reasonable time and the waitress came back several times to check on us. The atmosphere was nice as it was a fun, two level sports bar and restaurant. This was overall a good place to come to because it is fun and you get your money’s worth for good food.


Taste 7.9
Appearance 6.5
Available Options (i.e. sauces, boneless/bone, etc.) 2 wing options and 5 sauce options
Wait time 13 minutes 
Overall Experience 7.5

Overall the experience was well worth their while. Eating food and especially eating something as delicious as wings is always high on Joey and Danny’s priorities. They hoped to have saved you from a night of disappointment and wasted money now that you are informed on their wing review. On top of that they encourage everyone to go out and have a good time with friends while eating and enjoying delicious food no matter what that may be. Through their evaluations, Cornerstone Bar and Grill was the winner with the best wings.

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