Mr. Carr: From NFL to EHS

Kiley Sweeney

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This 2019-2020 school year, there are many new teachers. Jeff Carr has joined the Emerson Staff as a new gym teacher. The school is looking forward to having him this school year and seeing how he will adjust to teaching in Emerson. In an effort to get to know Mr. Carr a bit better, he was kind enough to sit down for an interview.

How has your time at Emerson been so far?

 “I’m lovin´ it! I couldn’t ask for better teachers to work with in the phys. ed. department. All staff & faculty have been very nice, extremely helpful, and courteous. The administration is very impressive and understanding of the birth of my daughter. The ninth grade is loving their warm-ups and workouts in the weight room.” 

Where were you before this?

 “Dwight Englewood School – mostly teaching 9-12 (phys ed, health, self defense, and strength & conditioning)  I coached football and baseball before teaching and I spent 10 years coaching Sport Performance at the collegiate level at Arizona State University, University of Minnesota, University of Memphis, Illinois State University, and professionally with the National Football League (NFL).”

Where did you go to school? 

“I did my Undergrad at U of Idaho (Sport Science & Athletic Training Major), Masters @ Illinois State University (Exercise Physiology), 2nd Undergrad @ William Paterson University.”

What do you do in your spare time?

 “Play with daughter, Hunter Paige, and my golden retriever, Vandy May.  I have a passion for woodworking, skydiving and the outdoors. My family loves to snow ski in Idaho.”

Where are you from?

“I’m from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which is known as the “New North Hollywood”. It’s a celebrity resort town in north Idaho.  Last summer visitors were J-Lo, AROD, Luke Bryan, Katie Perry, the Kardashians, Kanye, etc”.

What are some random facts about you? 

“I was married on the top of a ski mountain. I’ve skydived, bungee jumped, and my next goal is to wingsuit. Most summers I spend at least one week in the back country (roadless wilderness) of Idaho with my dog. There are no phones, no people, the nearest hospital in a 2 hour drive, and we’re all alone with the bears, wolves and cougars. My goal next summer is climb the active volcano Mt. Rainier outside Seattle, WA.”

Mr. Carr is not only the only one excited to be in Emerson. Many Students have already expressed how much they enjoy having Mr. Carr as their teacher. Students were interviewed on the topic of Mr. Carr being their new gym teacher. They all agreed that they like having him and are excited for the school year. We cannot wait for him to see all of the fun traditions our school has. Emerson looks forward to having him around this year and Emerson cannot wait to see how he adapts to the school. Emerson is glad that Mr. Carr joined the staff this year, and so glad that he has enjoyed the school already.

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