Getting to Know Ms. No

Charlie Romano

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There have been many new teachers this year at EHS and one of the many new teachers this school year is the new biology teacher Ms. No. In an interview about the upcoming school year Ms. No provided answers to various questions about herself and her hopes for this current school year.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

“I decided to become a biology teacher because of the future impact it could potentially have on future citizens of our society.”

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

“This is my first year teaching and I didn’t know that I wanted to be a teacher until I got a tutoring job.”

What has been your favorite part about teaching at Emerson so far?

“The people! Everyone has been really amazing, helpful, and respectful.”

What are some activities you want to do in class this year?

“I would like to do debates on scientific issues.”

What are some goals you want your students to achieve this year?

“I want my students to be scientifically cultured.”

Besides biology what are some other interests that you have?

“Hobbies? Well I’m a dog mom so I like to be outdoors with my dog whenever I get the chance to.”

How has teaching affected your life outside of the classroom?

“I have noticed myself talking with a teacher voice to my friends. Kind of repeating directions or emphasizing certain words that I want them to get.”

What are you most excited for this school year?

“The Pep Rally.”

Throughout the school year students will be learning more about Ms. No and all of the new teachers here at EHS. This year is looking to be an interesting year because of the new additions.