A Cop With One Huge Responsibility

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A Cop With One Huge Responsibility

Officer Howard

Officer Howard

Officer Howard

Officer Howard

Louden Mazzeo

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In 2019, schools around the country are trying to promote safety with police officers. Glen Howard is joining as a resource officer at Emerson Junior Senior High School this year to promote safety by monitoring the building.

Glen Howard is originally from Emerson High School and shared his responses to the following questions:

How does it feel to be back in the school you went to high school?

“It feels great to be back, especially to see some of the teachers I had. They said to me that it feels like I never left.”

Being a school resource officer can bring much more stress than a regular police officer. But for Glen Howard, it is the same amount of stress for him, as he stated to the question,

Do you find this job less stressful than being a regular police officer?

“It is the same amount of stress.”

As schools receive more security, it prevents less school shootings. Students around the country feel much safer when there are student resource cops around the school because they build bonds with them. According to National Public Radio, in a school in Chicago, the principal stated,

“These school officers that I am lucky enough to have at my school build relationships with kids.”

Glen Howard added his thoughts, as he stated,

How do you think this would keep the school safe?

I think having a student resource officer for the students and faculty would be a great thing and for me to be visible to the community would be huge aspects to keep the school safe.”

Student resource officers are great aspects to the school community because it gives students a chance to talk to an adult who is walking around the school anytime during the day. Especially if they were threatened by or if they saw something bad happen.

Even when the school day is over, Glen Howard is not done working, as he stated to the question,

Are you done working after school end?

“No, I still have to go to the police department and sent reports so the day definitely does not end at 3:30 PM.” 

Being a student resource officer gave Howard an opportunity to help out with the sport that he did all of his high school career, which was wrestling. 

Are you going to help out with any type of sports after school? 

“Yeah, like I have done in the past, I will help with the high school wrestling team and I am looking forward to doing it again.”

School resource officers have many roles that they have to take care of, especially with a family back home. Glen Howard has a wife and a baby boy at home. He loves to spend time with them whenever he is not working at Emerson High School. 

When you’re not working what do you usually like to do?

“I like to hang out with my new family. I like hiking, fishing, and I am a big giants and Yankees fan so I like to watch their games whenever they are playing.”

Student resource officers are not people who carries a gun around at school for protection. They are normal people in the community. Being a husband, father, and a student resource officer, like Glen Howard, is a huge responsibility to have. Before Glen Howard was a student resource officer he became a police officer, which he always wanted to be one since he was young. 

Why did you want to become a police officer?

“When I was younger, I always wanted to be a police officer and I always wanted to give back to the community. I always had positive role models in my life that influenced me.”

Police officers are somewhat different than student resource officers in Glen Howard’s opinion. He does not do the same thing as normal police officers, as he stated,

What is the difference between this job than being a regular police officer? 

“I am stationed in the school for the day and I am not called for any calls that are out of the school since I have to help with security in the school.”

In today’s world, some students are scared to come to school because of school shootings. Now that schools are hiring student resource officers, there is less likely to be school shootings because there is more security. Anthony Paino, a student from Emerson High School, stated how he felt about Glen Howard being at school all the time,

Do you feel safe in this school because of officer Howard?

“I feel safer because we have a trained professional who is constantly aware of what is going on.”

Glen Howard is a big influence to students because they always are going to know that they are safe with him walking around the halls to keep Emerson High School safe. 

Upon this interview with Officer Howard it is clear that student resource officers are a significant part of schools. Glen Howard will take on the large responsibility of keeping everyone safe in Emerson High School.

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