Mr. McQuade’s Insight

Alan Ramos and John Avery

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Chris McQuade is the head of maintenance at the Emerson Jr Sr High School. He’s been at working in the maintenance department for thirteen years, and has been the head of maintenance for over three. He has made the schools better, cleaner, and safer for all of us.

Mr. McQuade likes to help out teachers around the school that need assistance, but outside of the schools he enjoys a nice life. 

According to him, his favorite things to do are,  “Fishing, going to Jet games, and fishing”.

 Aside from his hobbies, he also has a family that he spends time with. 

Mr. McQuade’s favorite thing at work every day is helping the people out and the people that work at Emerson Jr Sr High School. He always enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces and making them laugh around the hallways. McQuade is a very busy guy and enjoys what students have to offer in return. 

When asked about what his favorite thing about the students, he said, “The Cavo Crazies, definitely the Cavo Crazies”.

Despite enjoying spending time with his family at home, McQuade also likes to do his job. Around the school, he is regularly seen observing the other custodians and making plans on what to do to improve our school and keep it in proper shape for us. 

When we asked him what improvements are being done to the schools in the upcoming years, he said, “Lots of things, upgrading classrooms, air conditioning, yearly we try to do 5 classrooms a year, and with the referendum we can do a lot more”. 

As students may know, Emerson Schools received a large amount of money from taxes to improve our schools. According to McQuade, the high school “… the entrances to the buildings will change (and) the practice field will be gone.”

With the referendum, the money will go towards new improvements and designs for all three public schools in our system. This will create more space for students through classrooms, and areas for them to hang out as well. According to McQuade, the jobs around the school are going to be, “definitely harder. For two years.”

What students can get from this information is that the students will benefit from the new additions being put in. This will improve our time here at EHS greatly because of the reorganization of the school. And the custodians will do their best to adapt to these improvements and make our time at EHS even better.

With everything that goes on inside of the school, we can count on the fact that McQuade will make our school the best that it can be, whether this be improvements to classrooms or athletic fields, our time here at EHS is affected in a good way because of Mr. McQuade.

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