Introducing Ms. Pena

Lilly Gildea

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In the 2019-2020 year, 10 new teachers were hired and joined the Emerson Junior Senior High School faculty. Among the new faculty is Karla Pena, the new Spanish teacher. Because the Spanish department only consists of three teachers, any new addition carries a lot of weight. Ms. Pena is looking forward to being the newest addition to the staff. 

What expectations did you have going in on the first day of school?

 “I was nervous, stressed about classrooms and where to go.”

How do you balance your work life and your life at home?

“I stay at work until 5:00 and try to only have 3 hour at home of work, staying late at work does help.”

Was it hard switching schools?

“Yes very hard.”

How is this school different when it comes to schedules, classes, and overall rules?

“The days a little longer, 15 minutes longer and it’s hard because I was at the other school for 10 years, starting over is hard.”

How many years have you been teacher?

“Officially 1 year but 10 because I was part time in my last job.”

Why did you pick teaching as your job? What do you enjoy about it?

“I love helping others learn and make them better and watching them grow.”

What is your favorite grade to teach?  

“I don’t have one, any level of high school.”

Why did you choose to teach Spanish?

“It is something I am passionate about and I grew up learning the language.”

What college did you go to?

“New Jersey City University, and then Saint Thomas University for my masters.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“Hang out with my dog, go to the gym, shop, and hangout with my friends.”

Emerson Junior Senior High School is excited to have Ms. Pena teach at the school. Overall, Ms. Pena seems very happy in the decision she made to leave her other job to join Emerson Junior Senior High School. The faculty and students are a big factor in why she is so happy. They have tried their very best to help her and 10 new teachers feel comfortable and welcomed at this high school. EJSHS welcomes Ms. Pena!


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