Virtual Santa!

Is that you on my computer Santa?

    “Ho! Ho! Ho!” a distant voice yells. Santa pops up in his seat and greets you through your computer screen! Why? Recently, since the pandemic, Santa is not seen at the mall as he used to be. With more outbreaks spreading throughout the country, people have been signing up for them and their kids to say “Hi” to their good ol’ pal named Santa. This trend has grown in popularity and it looks like it won’t be reaching a decline soon. 

      What can you even do over a zoom call? Well, you would be surprised! Professional actors from the Santa Club are charging from a range of $35-$75 to talk to Santa and one actor alone can make 300 video conferences in just one year! The convenience of sitting on your comfy sofa while having a quiet and alone moment with a favorite holiday man could be one of your best moments of the year! 

      Santa training is used to make sure each person has the best time they possibly can. They cover everything from wig and beard maintenance to information on interacting with special-needs children. On top of this, background checks are done for each Santa who would like to play the part. 

Have you ever thought about meeting Santa through the other side of a screen? Maybe it’s time to give him a call!