What Do Students Plan to Do on Their Homework-Free Weekend?


       Homework-Free Weekends are a fun way for students at EHS to have a weekend completely dedicated to being a kid. Sometimes school gets stressful with the workload, but the ability to have homework-free weekends allows students to have some downtime. 

      Several students at EHS are extremely excited about the homework-free weekend. Students such as Isabella Winograd, Martin Coombes, Sebastian Jazwinski, Phoebe Rivers, and Nathan Leuck enjoy spending their homework-free weekends hanging out with friends. 

    “On my homework-free weekend I plan to hang out with friends and relax,” says Sophomore student Nathan Leuck. 

      On the other hand, students like Isabella Winograd, Thomas Neuschwanter, and Emma Rivers all said that they wanted to take this time to catch up on old school work. 

     “Sometimes I don’t take the time on weekdays to even think about my work, but with homework-free weekends, I have more time to catch up on my schoolwork,” says Junior Isabella Winograd. 

    When asked about the amount of school work received, most students had fairly common answers. 

     Students such as Emma Rivers, Phoebe Rivers, Nathan Leuck, and Isabella Winograd said that Math was the class where they received the most homework.

   “Math is a very hard class this year, and I get the most work in it. When I get home to do my math homework, I sometimes forget how to do it,” said Junior Emma Rivers.

    Sophomore Nathan Leuck added, “I know homework is there to help us, but sometimes I just want to be able to go home after soccer and go to bed.” 

    Other students like Sebastian Jazwinski and Thomas Neuschwanter said they receive most of their homework in English. 

    “Most of the time English homework is reading or finishing up work that was started in class, but it usually takes the longest to complete,” Senior Thomas Neuschwanter said. 

    A homework-free weekend can help students reconnect with friends, recharge from the demands of their already-busy schedules, and relieve them from the stress of taking on too much school work.  No matter if that extra time is spent with friends, or catching up on sleep and old assignments, everyone is sure to benefit.

   Make the most of the weekend, Cavos!