Emerson Welcomes Biology Teacher Charles Dunn


Mr. Dunn

Christian Hirth, Writer

EMERSON – The first month of school has come and gone. The school has said hello to new faces not seen last year. Many new students have joined Emerson, but also a few new teachers as well. In this group of new teachers is biologist Charles Dunn, the newest 11th grade biology teacher in the science department.

Prior to joining Emerson, Dunn taught biology at Pequannock High School, NJ, for 13 years. Prior to that, he worked as an environmental chemist where he was responsible for testing and analyzing soil to keep track of pollution. He also enjoys studying the environment on his own time, through hiking and gardening.

“I’ve always been interested in wildlife when I was younger, and wanted to learn more about it when I grew older, and I pursued it in college,” said Dunn.

In his class, students learn about ecosystems, animal behaviors, as well as using claims, evidence, and reasoning to make statements and test hypotheses.

“My students should expect to learn how to answer a question while providing evidence and reasoning to support their claim,” said Dunn. He notes that biology is an important subject because it is all about living organisms and how they work. He further notes that many important careers stem from the study of biology, such as doctors, physical therapists, and psychologists.

Dunn currently lives in Waldwick, New Jersey with his wife and two kids. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, gardening, exploring, spending time with family, and often taking them to the beach. He also owns a snake at home, despite being bit by one that resulted in a three day hospital visit.

Being a new teacher can be challenging, but Dunn says that classes in the first few months have gone well and he enjoys the relationships he’s building with teachers and students.

“I would like to get through the school year, and hope that my students come away with important information they can use in their lives.”