Winter Cheer Coach Reveals Plans For This Season


Brianna Leach and Kara Long


In an interview with Winter Cheer Coach, Mrs. Polizzi, additions and changes for this season were revealed. Last year, the cheerleaders had a different coach, Coach Kerry, who held practices to keep the girls warmed up and ready for the upcoming fall season. However, the team did not attend any competitions due to the pandemic. This year, with Covid restrictions lifted and a new coach, is sure to be a step up in the right direction. 

“We do have a new couple of kids joining, so the more kids we have on the team, the more opportunities we have to make things more complicated,” said Mrs. Polizzi.

The winter cheerleaders met with choreographer Lori Lee to enhance and lengthen their current routine from 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The choreography camp took place over the span of three days during the NJEA Teachers’ Convention from November 4th to November 6th. Throughout those dates, Mrs. Polizzi and Lori Lee had plans to incorporate a more advanced pyramid, upgraded baskets, and a difficult stunt sequence. With new members joining the team, the possibilities are endless. 

“The plan is absolutely to be competing,” Mrs. Polizzi emphasized.

With last year’s Covid restrictions preventing the winter cheerleaders from competing, the girls are beyond excited to get back into the competition scene. Mrs. Polizzi revealed that she already has two competitions booked for the team: one at Saddle Brook High School and one at Hackensack High School. As long as Covid-19 restrictions stay lifted, Mrs. Polizzi plans to book even more competitions for the girls to attend. With the new additions to the routine and more competitions being booked, this season is sure to be amazing!