Some Candies Have Got to Go

Some Candies Have Got to Go

When it comes to Halloween candy, everyone has their favorites which can vary from person to person, but with some candies it’s hard to believe anyone likes them. I’m talking about the candy that is always left at the bottom of your bag, the ones that you give to your younger sibling, or the ones that stay in the wrapper until the following year. 


Although many candies are deemed as popular, there are still varied opinions on many of them. 


“I hate crunch bars because they are crunchy and hurt my teeth. If I get one, I always give it to my brother,” says Sophomore Ava Sassi.


However, there are just some candies that everyone should think are absolutely atrocious. 


Here is my top 10 list of candies that make you ask, “Why would anyone give these out?”

These candies have been around for just too long, and it is time to move on to much better candies. In no particular order, these are the top ten worst candies I can even think of, and the years they made kids dread Halloween.


  1. Candy Corn- Most basic halloween candy, equally the most basic tasting. (1880’s)
  2. Whoppers – Was this candy ever popular? Don’t be fooled by the chocolate outside, because the inside is like eating a cardboard box (1940’s)
  3. Smarties- Classic old people candy, have no taste and are hard on the teeth (1937)
  4. Black Licorice – This candy has consistently been the worst candy anyone could ever receive on Halloween. It’s not sweet and has very unappealing taste (early 16th century)
  5. Circus Peanuts- What are these even supposed to be? Looks like an orange peanut but it tastes like artificial bananas (1800’s)
  6. Tootsie Rolls- One of the worst candies for your health and doesn’t even taste good (1896)
  7. Mary Janes – A disgusting brown, sticky, and wrapper is very outdated (1914)
  8. Almond Joys- Grainy and bland, almond ruins the entire thing (1946)
  9. NECCO wafers- Something you’d find in a medicine cabinet, these are completely tasteless (1847)
  10. Laffy Taffy- a sticky mess in your mouth, banana flavor is absolutely dreadful (1970’s)


“I hate tootsie rolls because they taste weird. They are so sticky on the teeth and don’t taste good unless it’s the fruit one. If I get it, they go straight to another family member,” says Sophomore Nathaniel Falcon.


With these candies in mind, don’t be the house no one wants to go to this year.