The Nets: a Joke of an Organization

Dylan Covello, Writer

As the Nets are so called “the most popular” team in New York, with big stars such as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden, Sports fans would think the Barclays Center would be packed. However, this is not the case; before game one the Nets only had half of the stadium still with seats open. What did they do? They said, “It’s on us.”

James Harden, a multi million dollar man, put out a video saying that tickets for game one and two half of the price would be covered by him. How pathetic. Meanwhile, the other New York based NBA team, The Knicks, had no trouble selling out both games. Why, the Knicks are fun and exciting to watch and the fan base is out of this world. 

People want to see the grit and grind of tough defense and team work that leads to scoring, and you just do not get that in Brooklyn. Instead, you get Iso ball game play and mediocre defense and people do not want to watch that. I would understand if tickets sold for the big three, as in big three max contracts the Nets are paying their players. It is just quite embarrassing that they are struggling and proves the point they are not the stars of NY: the Knicks are.

Before this season, the Knicks were down in the dumps and sold out almost every game and also were the most valuable franchise in the league over the Warriors and Lakers. The Nets on the other hand, can not get a fanbase of money behind them.

It is playoff basketball with three huge stars, and you cannot even fill up 70 percent of the arena , that is just straight humiliating.  For such a big market you would think they could do it but, let us break down their fanbase. None, all their fans are bandwagons who migrated to the team and have no love for grit and grind, just the easy way out. That is why the Nets are ticket fiends and the Knick are on top of their game, sold out arenas, loyal fanbase, and tough basketball.