Potential Wars Between the United States and Afghanistan or a Solution


Daniel Xelhua, Writer

The United states and Afghanistan have been fighting for a long time. Now, a new peace treaty has to be signed. If it was not signed then there could be a potential war with Afghanistan and the U.S. This peace treaty was first signed in February and the deadline was in May. This was all taking place in Afghanistan because the U.S military is still in Afghanistan. Why these wars might happen is because the U.S still have troops in Afghanistan, but they have decreased the number of soldiers there to 2,500. How Biden plans on solving this is by withdrawing all troops.  

“Biden will withdraw all U.S forces from Afghanistan by September 11,2021” says The Washington post. 

Not many people agree with Biden’s act to withdraw all military from Afghanistan. However, most of Washington had divided whether or not to withdraw U.S Troops. Many people understand  Biden’s side as well because the war with Afghanistan has been long. The amount of soldiers lost in this war is numerous. Biden says that it will put a definitive end on America’s Forever War. 

According to an international crisis group.Conversely, a prolonged presence could prompt the Taliban to walk away from talks and intensify their attacks, provoking a major escalation. Either would mean that 2021 marks the year Afghanistan loses its best shot at peace in a generation.” 

A war between the U.S and Afghanistan would not be good for both parties. Afghanistan’s government could become unstable and be destroyed in the process. The war would have a huge effect on the U.S  as well. If the Taliban does respond with intensifying attacks, it could cost millions of dollars to repair buildings.  

If the United States does compromise, it will be good for both parties; that way no other countries have to get involved. That way, the Taliban can leave the U.S alone and insure our safety. And as long as a promise to withdrawal all of the U.S troops our deal is set. 

On the other hand, if this peace treaty does not get to an agreement, it could lead to a civil war and have other countries involved. If other countries get involved the damage would sky rocket and leave our country with major troubles.