PS5; The Legendary Gaming Console

PS5; The Legendary Gaming Console

Kenny Gompertz, Writer

Say goodbye to the Playstation 4 (PS4), and say hello to the new Playstation console, the Playstation 5 (PS5). It was a popular gift for many around Christmas time and continues to be on many wish lists. Just imagine playing on a gaming console that gives you more opportunities when you play games. 

Released in November, the PS5 is the newest gaming console to be released by Playstation in seven years, so this is a welcome update for players who have been tired of playing the same console for the last seven years. The PS5 has new improvements with graphic and controller improvements. 

The new controller also has improvements such as new button functions, and it even has a touchpad that allows you to press features on your tv screen in a new way. The new graphics in the game you are playing makes gameplay more realistic due to different lighting and shades. There are two types of this console, the first type is the digital version which does not have a disk dispenser and only has downloadable content, costing $399.99. The other version of this console is the disk version which does have a disk dispenser, costing $499.99.

 “The company’s last console, the PlayStation 4, dominated the gaming world, selling far more than the Xbox One. Seven years since the PS4’s initial release, the Japanese entertainment giant is looking to replicate that success with the PlayStation 5” (Liao, CNN Business).

The PS5 is also backward compatible with games from the PS4, which means that you can still play the games you know and love with new features on the PS5. Also, these games will have all of the player’s content saved from the previous gaming console. 

“The PS5 has many great features such as the new controller and the improvement in the graphics, and is one of the best selling consoles for gamers now,” said Emerson Junior-Senior Highschool freshman Ethan Spurr.

So overall this gaming console is worth buying for a great time playing the video games you love; it will change the previous ways of playing games and will change the way you play games forever. So get ready to drain your bank accounts or your parent’s bank accounts, because the PS5 will be worth it.