Tension Between U.S. and Iran Raises World War III Hysteria

Anthony Paino, Writer

On January 3, 2020, President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike which resulted in the death of Iran General Qassem Suleimani. This attack, ordered by President Trump, resulted in a missile attack launched done in retribution by Iran on U.S. military bases housing American soldiers in Iraq. There is clearly some tension here between the U.S. and Iran due to the previous actions perpetuated by both sides.
In the aftermath of these events, the countries are left in states of hysteria, where citizens are wondering if the possibility of World War III is valid. The most logical and realistic answer to this is no. In reality, there are not enough nations and outside countries involved in this tension. At this point, there are only two countries involved in this predicament. Therefore, there is no logical reason for a World War III to start with only enmity between the two countries; however, there is still a possibility. With the lack of involvement of other nations or alliances, it is simply unlikely for World War III to start. The only way this could really change is if each country’s allies joins in on this ongoing feud.
The actions taken by President Donald Trump have given Americans mixed feelings. According to a survey done by CNN, 52% of Americans said it made them feel less safe, 25% said they felt more safe, 22% said it had no effect on them. Clearly, the majority of Americans feel unsafe by the actions of President Trump.
Overall, the airstrike first ordered by President Trump has led to conflict between Americans and Iran. It has also led people to believe a World War III could be on its way. With the following retaliation by the Iranians bombing an American military base in Iraq, it is unclear any resolution to this feud will be found any time soon.