Referendum Update: Thoughts from Dr. Gatens

Kiley Sweeney, Writer

There is much needed construction occuring at all three schools in the Emerson District.  The referendum, passed during the previous school year, is the reason all three schools are receiving these long-awaited updates. In each school, there is something new happening. Among the many updates, the construction is getting rid of overcrowding and adding more space with both new and updated classrooms. Last week, Dr. Gatens was interviewed to find out how the schools’ construction is coming along.

What are the updates on the construction for Villano, Memorial, and EHS? 

“Overall, all the schools are progressing well. Villano is pretty much finished; Memorial is ahead of schedule and we are very happy with how the construction is going. EHS is a little behind schedule, but is making progress.”

What are the plans for each school? 

“The plans are to get rid of overcrowding, lack of gym space, build new science labs, and new security systems.”

In your opinion, what is the most needed update for each school out of all of the construction projects?

“For Memorial, it would be to get teachers off of working on carts. For Villano, it would be getting the garbage cans and kitchen equipment out of the hallways. As for EHS, it would be the new science labs.” 

How will this construction benefit each school?

“The look and aesthetic of the school will show the children and the community that their school is cared for.” 

When do you think that the construction will be done? 

“The construction all together will be done for the 2021 school year, with the exception of EHS being done a little later.” 

How will the students benefit from this construction?

“The students at Memorial will have art and music in a normal classroom, and they will also have a new gymnasium. The Villano students will have new air conditioning, nicer hallways, and newer classrooms. The EHS students will have new science labs, new classrooms, and new locker rooms.”

It is undisputed that all of this construction will truly benefit each school. The updates afforded by this referendum will no doubt enhance learning and how the students of the Cavo community view their schools. The school construction is coming along very well and we cannot wait to see the finished product.