Emerson Welcomes Ms. Licenziato to the Middle School

David Tibbatts, Reporter

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Ms. Linda Licenziato joins Emerson Jr. Sr. High School to teach special education in the Middle School.

 Teaching is a new field for Licenziato. Prior to working at Emerson, she worked with technology testing computer systems in the corporate world. Most recently she taught at Tenafly Middle School. Although, teaching is a new field for Licenziato, it is something she really enjoys.

Since her start here in September, she finds her classes and students great and is really enjoying teaching here. Before the school day starts, she creates her lesson plans and makes sure that her lessons are multisensory which appeals to different learning styles. 

She likes to use multisensory techniques “because I believe that each person learns and sees things differently, so I like using visuals to engage students more.” Although she teaches all subjects, Licenziato favors math since she loves challenging herself and figuring out problems.

When she is not teaching at Emerson she enjoys gardening, reading, movies. Licenziato also loves animals and wants a dog.


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