A Strong Start to Softball Season!

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A Strong Start to Softball Season!

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The Emerson High School Softball team is off to a strong start this season with a record of 4-1. They started their season the first week of March, and they have wins against Butler, Cresskill, Waldwick and Midland Park. They bounced back with a loss against Ramapo, and their next game is Friday, April 12th against Bogota.

Senior Bella Ellis has been playing softball since third grade. She is a flexible player that plays all positions of the outfield and enjoys the sport. Her along with Alyssa Mattera and Julia Kellish are the seniors and captains of the team.

The Softball team lost a lot of starting seniors this past year. However, they’ve been doing well so far. As shown through their 4-1 record, they’ve defeated their league rivals Waldwick and Midland Park. This team has a strong bond that helps them to work well together. Everyone is supportive of each other to create a positive environment. “I expect us to go far because we have really good team chemistry and good dynamics” Ellis states.

Behind these wins are hard-work and dedication. There is a lot of preparation involved for the games. During practices, the team runs through and practices drills, batting, fielding, situations, and conditioning. Before the games, the team will “talk and strategize” and then “bat in the back and practice some of their hitting”. Communication is an important part of the sport, and Ellis mentions that the team “talks a lot” and that they give “good feedback” to each other.

We asked Ellis to give the incoming freshman a piece of advice for their next 4 years on the team. “I would say not to give up so easily, believe in yourself and just keep trying hard to get to the position that you want to play”. Ellis said.

As a senior on the team, Ellis is emotional about her last year playing the sport she loves. “I think playing softball in general because I know I’m not going to after high school. I’m going to miss playing with the girls that I’ve been playing with for a while now. It’s going to be very emotional at my last game”.

It is still only the beginning of the season and there is a lot more games to be played and the softball team expects everyone to come support them through their journey.

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