Surviving Senior Year

Bella Ellis, Reporter

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Leaving EHS is not as easy as it seems. Making memories is what high school is made for, but along the way students realize how important it is to prepare for senior year. Senior Nina O’Connell has her view on her last year at EHS and gives tips to the upcoming underclassmen on how to survive their senior year.

Nina gives us a look into how she is preparing for her future years after EHS.

“I am preparing for the end of the year by committing to my dream college, St. Thomas Aquinas College in Spancill, NY, and figuring out how I want to say goodbye to everyone.”, Nina expressed.

There are a lot of things to look forward to during senior year, among many, graduation is a big one. Graduation is a day that would be looked back on as a day of being set free to much bigger opportunities.

“I’m looking forward to finally seeing myself grow up and start a new chapter in my life away from emerson and at my dream school.”

O’Connell explains that she is focusing and working really hard to get into the college she wants but also realizes that her last year is going to be her most emotional because of all of the friends that she has made from the beginning.

“The saddest thing is leaving all of my friends that I grew with for so many years. They’ve been by my side all through my time here.”

Nina is excited to see what lies ahead after high school, but will miss everyone that has been by her side through everything. O’Connell made many memories at EHS, but mainly because her friends were there with her.

Surviving senior year is not as difficult as many think. Nina provides advice to the upcoming juniors on how to get through their senior year and walking across that football field.

“Try your best and if you want to get into the college you want, believe in yourself. If you don’t want to go to college, there’s always another road to go down.”

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