Cavos Football Season

Joe Carmosino and Adam Gildea (Editor)

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The Emerson Cavos had a tremendous football season this year.  Cavos football has been a legacy in Emerson for many years.  Many area football teams have been close to each other even after they have graduate.  The players of the Emerson team are no different.    The record for this years team  was an outstanding 6-3 this year.  The Cavo team this year was led by seniors Peter Durocher and Shant Alashaian.  They along with the other players on the team were leaders and pushed each other for a very successful season.

The football season is always a grind for the Cavos because the players are training to be the best they can be.The Cavos took a tough loss in their  last game of the season in the State Playoff Tournament away at Boonton High School. The Cavos  lost to the Boonton Bombers which was an away game for the Cavos. This was a difficult loss for the Cavos as they were predicted to win. It seems the Cavos were hungry to win the league games this year and they were definitely trying to go all the way!   

 I recently spoke to  Peter Durocher about the goals that he set for himself for his senior year.  Durocher said,  ¨The goals for this year were definitely to win the league,  sectional and state championship.¨ The Cavos came up a little short this year. With the loss to Boonton this ended their state playoff run and it also ended their season.  Durocher stated, “Even though we didn’t reach our goal I’m ending my high school career with a memorable football season.”

The players on the Cavo  team really care about their school, team and each other.  The football players for the Emerson Cavos are all very close both on and off the field  and love competing to be the best.¨This was the best season I have played in. I love playing for the Cavos and I’m gonna miss it a lot¨, said senior Shant Alashaian.   The  football program has been steadily improving from a recent zero win season to this year’s more successful one. The Cavos really like to run the ball, with the occasional long pass from Sr. Peter Durocher to Sr. Nico Savino.

 The Emerson football games are a part of the Emerson culture. Home games have the stadium filled with electricity from the fans and football players who are hungry to win.  Over the years, there have been other sports that have become popular such as soccer and lacrosse.   The football program has had some numerous  gloomy seasons but they always have strong comeback with a group of seniors with raw talent.

The skilled coaching staff helps with  the success of the program. The football team can’t think about the bad games they need to think about the positives like winning a league championships. Emerson over the years has had some very dedicated coaches like Mr. Joe Delletorre, making a comeback to coaching this years football team.

The team next year will be looking to build on this years performance with more wins and extending the season further. Even though these seniors are graduating the future of this program looks strong.  

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