EHS Students Get Their Hands Dirty in the Garden

Joanna Augelletta and Hailey Lenino

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At Emerson Jr/Sr High School, Mr. Deo has a popular new club this year called the Garden Club!

In the Garden Club, Mr. Deo and the club members plant plants around the school and are soon going to be taking a field trip to the New York Botanical Gardens, something they are all looking forward to.

When Mr. Deo recently discussed the club, he explained that the credit for the club’s success goes to the students.

“Its the students from my class last year who are the ones who actually encouraged me. They didn’t even come once; they came a number of times to encourage me to actually start a garden club. They think it is a really wonderful idea, so I give them credit, it wasn’t my idea even though I actually love gardening.”

Mr. Deo has been gardening almost all his life because he watched and helped his parents and grandparents, and now he has his very own garden at his house.

“I have a flower garden in the front of my house with a lot of roses, and at the back of my yard I have a lot of vegetables. I plant in May and I reap in July, August, September and sometimes in October. So I have eggplants, sweet potatoes, and peppers in the backyard.”

And what is his favorite part of the club?

“The energy from my students is what drives me every day, not only for the club but for my chemistry classes also. Its the fact that people actually love the class and the club, that makes me really excited every day. So it’s the energy from my students that really gives me my energy and motivation.”

Mr. Deo’s future plans for the club include growing plants inside and outside the school, but for now, he enjoys working with his students and helping them make the school look beautiful!

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