“Coffeehouse” to showcase EHS talent, school spirit

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“Coffeehouse” to showcase EHS talent, school spirit

Abigail Opthof, Reporter

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Do you love to perform? Do you have the need to be on stage? Well, you’re in luck. The annual Coffeehouse is coming up December 6th. We sat down with Mr. Ullman to find out just what the Coffeehouse is all about.

It’s like a variety evening. But it’s more like as if you’re going to a cool coffee bistro in the city ”

— Mr. Ullman

“It is like an evening of songs and acts of different kinds. It’s like a variety evening. But it’s more like as if you’re going to a cool coffee bistro in the city because we deck out the cafeteria with a particular kind of set, with lights and sounds and lights strung around the whole place, and so we try and transform the cafeteria into something different.”

Anyone between grades 9 and 12 can join or perform at the Coffeehouse. Even teachers can perform, sing or read their favorite poem for the entire school. Mr. Ullman explained how to sign up for this amazing event.

“Go to the Classroom, Classroom Code is on the televisions around the school, so sign up that way. Or if you can’t find the code for some reason, come find me and I’ll invite you on to the classroom. So once you’re on there you’ll get all the info as we update things and then I’ll know to find you and see what you’re going to do.”

Anybody can sign up at any time before December 6th. Don’t worry if you’re not a singer or a dancer – there are other options to get volunteer points at the Coffeehouse and get involved in your school. Mr. Ullman told us about other ways kids can help out either in the kitchen or other places.

“Well, because the Coffeehouse does involve food and coffee, people can wait tables as waiters and waitresses. People can work back in the kitchen, helping to run the food back and forth. And of course our fabulous Chef Rodrigo will be handling his cooking staff for the Coffeehouse, making his fabulous chocolate, whipped-cream crepes that they made last year. And so that’ll be a big deal. So if you can cook, you can help out that way.”

Can’t wait to see you all there! Remember, Coffeehouse is on Thursday, December 6th. Food is served at 6:00, with entertainment beginning at 7. The classroom code is 01xq14v.

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