Emilia Dul – Making a Rigorous Decision

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Emilia Dul – Making a Rigorous Decision

Eliza Dul, Reporter

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A sophomore student at EHS, Emilia Dul, has been faced with a very strenuous decision this year. Cross Country or Volleyball? Dul has been running and playing volleyball for three years now and this year she was conflicted with whether she should run cross country or play volleyball in the fall. The final verdict was to return to the court as an outside hitter.

“Although I love both sports, volleyball is what appealed to me more and I knew that I’d be happier doing it.”

— Emilia Dul

Dul stated, ” Although I love both sports, volleyball is what appealed to me more and I knew that I’d be happier doing it. ”

Luckily for Dul, the decision paid off. This season, Dul went from playing on Junior Varsity to being on Varsity and she showed vast improvement over the course of the season. She was determined to get better at doing what she enjoyed most. She came to every practice she could and remained focused at every game. Dul ended off the season with three aces and five kills which was quite surprising for a newcomer on Varsity.

Emilia Dul explains how her shining moment this season was at the Bogota Game. Bogota is one of the top volleyball teams in their division and it is highly skilled and coordinated. She got a kill that game which was significant for her since their defense is very strong. Although the Emerson team ended up losing, Dul felt very accomplished for scoring against such a talented team.

“When I realized that I scored against Bogota, I was ecstatic,” exclaimed Dul.

Now that the 2018 season is over, Dul is already setting goals for herself for next year.

Dul stated, ” I really want to work on hitting and learning more about my position as an outside hitter.”

Dul is content with her decision of continuing to play volleyball and she believes that this season she and her team have improved and come together as a whole. Dul plans to continue playing volleyball all throughout her high school career and she cannot wait for the seasons to come!

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