The full band experience with Molli Gordon

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The full band experience with Molli Gordon

Leah Smith, Reporter

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Band: a place in school where there are amazing, talented kids. Molli Gordon is a musician in the Emerson Jr. Sr. High School band and performs in its winter and spring concerts. She has been playing since she was very young, influenced by her family, specifically her aunt.

“Well, in my family we call it the music gene because like there’s a lot of musical people in my family,” Molli said.

In band, all the students, including Molli, practice for both the winter concert in December and the spring concert in May. Molli and the rest of band practice by playing the same song over and over and writing the things they do wrong so they don’t make the mistake twice.

“A lot of hard work, like it takes a lot of practice, and now that I’m older, more mature I’ve gotten better about practicing,” Gordon said.

Even though Molli loves being in band it can also have its downside. She explained that sometimes the music can be repetitive and dull. The only way for her to challenge herself is by going to Band Camp of the Arts where she learns music that is harder for her.

Molli believes that being in band can have its negatives, but it can also be fun too. She really enjoys her position in band and hopes to keep playing even when she is done with school. She will keep improving her skills and hopes to reach her goals in life as a musician.


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