2018- 2019 Cheerleading Season

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2018- 2019 Cheerleading Season

Amanda Lacorazza, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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After a very successful 2017- 2018 cheerleading season, the Cavo cheer team is preparing and coach Kerry Meisten is working hard to get everything planned for when practices start in August. Her first year of coaching for Emerson has been more than successful and she is more than thrilled to start working with the new team in the fall!

This past season the team had 24 talented team members. The seniors held practices, which started in July of 2017, to teach the new members band dances, cheers and all of the traditions. Once August hit, the team wasted no time being in the back gym, jumping, stunting, jumping, all in preparation for the upcoming football games and annual fall pep rally. With ten seniors, the team was filled with veterans and new recruits who caught on very quickly. With a successful performance at the fall pep rally, Coach Kerry Meisten was thrilled.

“I could not have been happier with how the girls performed this year! Everyone hit and it was a perfect routine overall and I’m so proud of the girls and how their hard work has paid off,” said Meisten.

With a successful competition season from December to February, the team placed third in all four competitions they attended and had a successful home competition that Emerson hosted. But despite all this activity, Meisten was preparing for the new upcoming cheerleading season. Between scheduling uniform sizings, team tumbling, weekly workouts, and fundraisers, the season never stops!

The team for the 2018- 2019 season has a total of twenty girls. The team has already had try outs, and attended a stunting clinic held at Park Ridge High School and ran by National Cheerleading Association members. The clinic was successful and showed a lot of promise for the team this year. With the new members catching on to the skills fairly quickly and returning members refreshing their skills, Coach Kerry was more than pleased!

“The team this year shows a lot of promise. Though it was hard to replace ten seniors were doing a good job making our way back. I’m excited to see how the season turns out and I can’t wait to work with all of our members!” said Coach Kerry.

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