The Electoral College is an outdated form of voting

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The Electoral College is an outdated form of voting

Sarah Gordon, Opinion Section Editor

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In today’s era, information is accessible within seconds. Any person with an internet connection has the ability to learn about anything they desire to. This includes information about candidates for elected positions.

Established by the Founding Fathers, the Electoral College was designed as a sort of insurance that smaller states would get power and to create a buffer between the people and the government. It is more important to focus on the buffer between the people and the government. Thinking back to that time, information was much harder to obtain an education was not at the level it is today.

The current presence of the Electoral College simply acts as a barricade that lowers the power of the people. The results of the popular vote showed that Hillary Clinton was the winner among the people, yet President Trump still took the victory as the Electoral College went against the vote and elected him. This is not the first case the electoral college went against the people as there have been five previous incidents, with the most recent involving the decision between Bush v. Gore.

With higher standards of education and currently unlimited access to the resources of the internet, there is no reason that the Electoral College is necessary. Polling centers have improved with more channels to gather insight on people’s opinions, validating them and making them more present. Polling has always been a popular process in the campaigning process, yet the information has become significantly more publicized now. It is extremely questionable why the Electoral College is abandoning the people’s values when they are supposed to act as a representation of the people.

There at 538 members in the Electoral College. This number mirrors the number of members in Congress, 100 members for all of the Senators, and 438 for every Representative. Both Congress and the Electoral College are established to represent the people, yet only one establishment seems to be doing this — Congress. The Electoral College is disregarding the values of the people, not proving its necessity in today’s day and age.

There are alternatives to the Electoral College, such as abolishing it in turn for a system relying on the popular vote — a direct election. This will allow for the people’s voices to be heard, in turn ensuring that the government is established for the people, by the people.

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