National School Walkout: the catalyst for change

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National School Walkout: the catalyst for change

Sarah Gordon, Opinion Section Editor

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In the wake of excessive gun violence, it is important that the student body become active in the proper manner.

Developed by the students of Parkland, Florida, the National School Walkout was developed in order to memorialize those who were forced to become victims of yet another mass shooting.

Schools across the nation, including Emerson Jr-Sr High School, have walked out of their classes and school buildings as a tribute to those who passed away in Parkland as well as a protest against the obscene amount of gun violence seen within the past five years.

Wednesday March 14, 2018 at 10:00 am marks the nationwide movement started by a generation of students ready to take action. Across the nation there is a need for change, and this generation is the one ready to see it happen. After plenty of controversy has sparked, due to various schools not allowing their students to walk out and other various forms of backlash, the moment is over, and now comes the time in which students are ready for change.

Incoming freshman to American University Gideon Rain Tree stated, “I go to the North Carolina School of Science and Math, a publicly funded residential high school in the UNC system. When most people think of NC they think of redneck bigots and barbecue. Today I stood with over 200 of my peers and 50 faculty members during the walkout. In my third period there was literally one girl who didn’t walkout. Today, restored my faith in my fellow Americans and my state. Today made me believe that somewhere in the near future gun control legislation will be real.”

The desire for change is nationwide, with many across the country looking to seek a brighter future. No matter the demographic or location, it an event taking place nationwide. The walkout is a positive way to mark a new, brighter change for the future.

The lack of a feeling of safety in schools is a sign for change, and students have taken action in support of this. The time is now to make progress and to ensure that all students do not have to worry about any possible threats to their well being when they are simply trying to learn and reach towards a greater future.

On March 24, 2018 in Manhattan there will be a sister march affiliated with the March for Our Lives in Washington D.C. designed to protest against current gun legislation and protect the well-being of students across the nation. If  you have interest in participating please RSVP through the following link

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