Football – A Brotherhood

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Football – A Brotherhood

John Garda and Paul Khoury

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Michael Eng is an experienced football player for Emerson Jr. Sr. High School. Eng played football ever since he was a little kid and it was extremely upsetting to him when the season came to an end.

“This is not just a team it’s a brotherhood,” Eng said.

Eng has played football for about 10 years who has played different positions at different times. This year was the most successful one for the Cavaliers in a while. The team went 8-2 and had their first home playoff game in over 10 years.

“Everyone on this team works extremely well, and we had a goal this year that each and everyone one of us tried to accomplish,” he said.

Although the team fell short of a state championship there’s more to come for him.

“I want to continue to play in college, but I am unsure right now,” he said.

As a senior, Eng would no longer be a part of the team in high school anymore, but he has high hopes for the years to come.

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