The Oscars 2018: A Night to Remember

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The Oscars 2018: A Night to Remember

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On Sunday, March 4, 2018, the 90th Academy Awards ceremony was held in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California and was hosted by, late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel. The night honored the best films of 2017, and along the way a few remarkable moments occurred, some even recognized as historic.

As scheduled, Oscars opened with none other than a comedic monologue from the host, Jimmy Kimmel. From mention to last year’s confusion mishap to giving a jet ski to the person with the “shortest speech,” Kimmel had the attention of his audience in his hands.

From opening laughs to the presenting of the awards, the official nominations and their projected winners proceeded as planned. Although every year most of the winners of these awards can be very predictable, the night itself was still memorable as many historic and noteworthy aspects of the show managed to shine through the majority of its predictability.

Aside from years past Oscars, the Oscars 2018’s TV rating was seen at an all time low, clocking in with 26.5 million viewers, the least watched Oscars. Could this be caused by just viewers not being interested anymore? Or can this be due to the world being as close as it is, and people can just be updated of the winners by social media, instead of having to sit through hours of programs?

With all that in mind, here were some highlights from last Friday. Though many individuals who were awarded that night, some rose higher than others. Kobe Bryant, retired NBA player, won his first ever nominated category of Best Animated Short with Dear Basketball, which described his long love and his lived journey and legacy with basketball. Although many were proud of his win, others disagreed with the choice given the sexual assault allegations against him in 2003 and the recent heightened awareness of such actions due to recent movements like #MeToo and Time’s Up.

Speaking of the prevalence of the these movements, many other parties were enthusiastic to join and support the strong message as well. Frances McDormand’s acceptance speech had women within the room feeling empowered and together. McDormand chose to spread her message during her acceptance speech for Best Leading Actress, encouraging all the women in the room to stand up with her.

This a night was filled to the brim with memories, but also sprinkled with history. A Fantastic Woman took first for Best Foreign Film, whose plot centers around a transgender actress and singer. The star of the movie, Daniel Vega, made history by becoming the first openly transgender person to ever present at the Oscars. In addition to that win, Jordan Peele also became apart of Oscar’s history as he took home the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for his movie, Get Out. Peele is recognized as the first African American writer to win in that category. Mary J. Blige, within the same night, became the first person to be nominated in a song and acting category for the same film.

Not only were the Oscars all about the awards, but performances also became apart of the highlights within the whole show as well. Keala Settle’s performance of “This Is Me” took down the house. The strength in her voice combined with the chemistry of the audience around her made it a well executed performance all can appreciate.

The Oscars 2018 were filled with laughs, tears, and love. Historic moments were taken by ones who earned that title, while others took it upon themselves to spread their message, making the night itself historic as well. The only concern left to ask is, “What will be of the Oscars 2019?”

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