Chris Schult: A senior accomplishing his goals for the future

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Chris Schult: A senior accomplishing his goals for the future

Zack Schult and Paul Khoury

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Chris Schult has been playing soccer since he was five years old and ever since then he has known he wanted to pursue the sport in his career.  Not only did he realize that soccer was what he wanted to do, but he also wanted to pursue a career in the military. During the summer of his junior year, he began to get recruited by multiple military schools. After moving from Paramus during his junior year, he moved to Emerson which led to a very successful junior soccer season, going 18 wins 3 losses and 1 tie and had a great run in the state sectional tournament.

Chris said, “Emerson is a great school and community and has amazing athletics.”

He explains, “Some of the schools I was looking at were Massachusetts Maritime Academy, SUNY Maritime, Merchant Marine Academy, Coast Guard and Norwich.” From there, he began to visit and immediately fell in love with Norwich University, a senior military school in Northfield, Vermont.

“The campus was amazing, the soccer team is very competitive and was just a place I wanted to spend my next 4 years at,” Chris added.

While at Norwich, he wants to train in order to accomplish a goal that he wanted since he was in the eighth grade. “I want to try and be a part of Navy Special Forces and try and be a part of SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman), which inserts and extracts Navy SEALS during hostile situations,” he said. The training is very rigorous, but he is determined to achieve it.

Chris is excited for the years to come at Norwich and has achieved something he has been working for since middle school. “I am just excited to get out there on the field and be a part of the military. It is a dream of mine.”

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