Emerson Teens Ready for Collegiate Athletics

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Emerson Teens Ready for Collegiate Athletics

Spencer Paton, Reporter

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Playing a sport in college has never been an easy task, but two Emerson seniors, Zach and Chris Schult, will be playing soccer at a military school. The two twins have been in love with the sport for their whole lives, playing on club teams and recreational teams for as long as they can remember, and finishing up a great high school career. Come fall of 2018 they will be off to Norwich University.

They chose the college during the off-season, narrowing their choices down to three schools, and found Norwich to be the most at home environment.

“Norwich has a beautiful campus, with a great soccer team, and the military aspect excited me most upon visiting,” Zack said.

Although the twins’ soccer season here at Emerson started out well, it ended poorly, as the team lost to chef rival Wallington in the state section and ultimately went 10-8 in the league. But Zach and Chris are looking toward the future, and both are excited for what next year holds.

“I’ve wanted to be a part of the US military since the 8th grade, and I have loved this country for as long as I can remember, yes it will be difficult but I am more than certain I am capable of handling it, and we want to be out there as bullet catching special forces operatives returning fire on any one who stands in our way,” Chris said.

Zach and Chris will separate into two different branches to hopefully serve in special forces. Chris will be working to be a part of SWCC (Special Warfare Combat Craft Crewman), which insert and extract Navy Seals in hostile territory. Zach will be working toward being a combat medic or RASP, to hopefully become an Army Ranger.

But for now, the twins are currently playing club and preparing for the pre-season that will be coming in early August at Norwich. Both are very excited for this to come and are very ready to take their careers to the next level and be a part of a program they both call “Bigger than themselves.”

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