EHS students discuss the midterms

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EHS students discuss the midterms

Andrew Schwartz, Reporter

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On the January 30, midterm exams start for all grades 7th through 12th at EHS. Getting through midterm exams usually takes a lot of work, but how do students study for them? And for how long? And what do they think of them?

Questions like these can plague the mind for some, but for others, it’s not a big deal at all.

“I feel like the midterm exams are a pain because not everyone has them and we have PARCC and finals on top of that so I do not find it necessary for a midterm,” Daniel Gordon, a sophomore, said.

Other students have different opinions, though.

I feel calm about the midterm exams because I have been taking them for four years,” said Zamira Miranda, a senior.

Though it seems students don’t like to study for midterm, each person likes to study in his or her own way.

Usually I just study off the review guide or I just go over it with myself or my friend,” Gordon said. 

“I study for about two hours each day for the midterms because I feel like that is the right amount of time,” said sophomore Sean Saucedo.

Depending on the class, sometimes I will study like six hours for one class, or maybe an hour for another,” Miranda commented. I feel like I can improve my ways of studying for midterm exams by being more organized.”

Though opinions and strategies may differ, all students hope to do well on the exams, and they can finally breathe a sigh of relief when they’re all over!



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