Talent Brewing at Coffeehouse

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Talent Brewing at Coffeehouse


Caitlin DeStefano, Cade Skoblar, Destiny Rivera

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On Thursday, November 30, 2017, the EHS cafeteria will become a bistro!

That’s the night that Emerson Jr/Sr High School will host a very special event: “Coffeehouse,” a evening in which students are invited to display their talents in front of an open microphone. Mr. Bill Ullman, who is organizing the event, explained that anyone is invited to perform or be a part of the audience.

“The Coffehouse is basically an evening of music and songs and comedy, and whatever people want to do,” he said, “Sort of an open-mic night.”

Food will be served starting at 6 p.m., and audience members can dine as they watch the entertainment, starting at 7. The cafeteria will be decorated to resemble a dinner theater, creating a mood of elegance and finery.

“We decorated it fully, with all kinds of lights, and there’s a set that we put in there.” he continued. “And of course, there’s microphones and a little stage area. And people actually sit in the seats of the cafeteria, that are done up nicely with the tablecloth and lights and candles – things that are very elegant looking. And they get food served to them that they order from waiters and waitresses.”

Anyone with a talent may perform at the event. Although many of the acts will likely be musical, Ullman added that they can be of any genre or form.

“It does not have to be just singing or playing an instrument. It could be all kinds of different things that people have done over the years, including magic or juggling or telling jokes, or things like that,” he said.

But whatever acts students will bring to the mic, audiences are sure to have an entertaining evening. And don’t forget – you can get Cavo Cup points for your class, too!


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