Christmas in November: Why it needs to stop

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Christmas in November: Why it needs to stop

Natalie Pesce

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For most holidays, such as Halloween or Easter, items based around the holidays start popping up in stores about a month or a few weeks before the actual holiday begins. If this is the case, why do Christmas related items start popping up in stores over two months before the holiday?

People start seeing Christmas things in store before Halloween ends, and that’s way too early. Stores shouldn’t start shoving Christmas items down your throat until at the very least the last weeks of November, and Christmas in November is mostly an excuse for stores to make money off of gifts for the holidays.

The Christmas season has been going on forever, even though December has just started. Carols are playing on the radio, Christmas hats and sweaters are being sold, commercials themed for the season are playing on television, and more. It seems like the season is already almost over, but at the same time it has just begun.

“It isn’t that I don’t like the holiday, but when people celebrate so early I get so sick of it,”┬áChristian Mazzariello, a freshman at Emerson High School, said. He is very against celebrating the holiday this early.

Another reason why Christmas in November is a problem is because it makes the holiday less special. When people celebrate Christmas Day, it is supposed to be special because it only comes once a year. If you celebrate it in November, it isn’t as special of a holiday anymore.

Christmas is a holiday that occurs at the end of December. So please, let’s wait until then to celebrate.

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